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Our Mission is inspire and encourage others to find their vision through self truths and motivational messages.  We all have a past that doesn't have to have anything to do with our future.  

Why Maono Mazuri?

Speak what He said until you see what He said.  The way to realize our hopes is having unshakable faith in the midst of the unseen. Our past can either propel us toward or keep us from our visions. Maono Mazuri encourages and inspires people to experience their vision - a "beautiful vision" intentionally created to help you find yours. 



About Us....(well me) 

Art and design have always fueled my creative energy and vivid imagination. Despite being drawn to eye-catching quotes on graphic t-shirts, I never saw any that truly reflected a deeper honesty. With my daddy's support in finding the creative words to express my 'beautiful vision" , along with a desire to see my conscious feelings in print form, the brand was born. Although Maono Mazuri is still a work in progress, creating quality designs to help others manifest their "Beautiful Vision" inside is our foundation. 

"The foundation is built on a

Beautiful Vision."

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